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Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock On Stage At The Oscars And The Internet Exploded

The 2022 Oscars

Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock

Even the best jokes may cause wounded feelings.

The 2022 Oscars featured a lot of laughter and quip throughout the night, but even the best jokes can cause broken feelings.

Chris Rock found out the hard way when he texted an out-of

-pocket joke to Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith found out about it.

The Oscar-nominated actor was enraged by the comedian’s mockery of his wife and spat an f-bomb in response.

Will Smith’s reaction to Chris Rock’s joke has enraged and perplexed the internet.

Rock made a quick remark regarding Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair,

stating he couldn’t wait for GI Jane 2 and implying that Pinkett’s shaved head was a reference.

Smith walked up to the platform and smacked Rock, allegedly surprising the comic.

People flocked to Twitter to ask what the hell had just happened as the two continued to argue.

Will Smith Slap Chris Rock


Some may have mistaken the event for an elaborate routine at first.

After all, many Americans didn’t hear the entire audio conversation between the two.

Things got nasty once people with access to a foreign broadcast began releasing the complete audio interaction between the two,

in which Will Smith warned Chris Rock to keep Jada Pinkett Smith’s name out of his “fucking mouth.”


For watchers, the moment seemed surreal, especially given Will Smith’s Best Actor nomination.

It was shocking to watch two respected Hollywood celebrities having a passionate discussion on live television,

and it was surely enough to set the internet on fire.

It didn’t take long for sources from the Oscars floor to corroborate

that the interaction didn’t take place during rehearsals and that veteran actor and Oscar winner (and nominated this year with Smith) Denzel Washington went to speak with Will Smith during the break.

Meanwhile, the internet speculated on the turmoil between Smith and Chris Rock and what would happen next.


Will Smith went on to win the Oscar for Best Actor, and he began his acceptance speech by praising Richard Williams for protecting his family.

Smith then returned to his issue of protection, mentioning how he dealt with criticism as an actor.

Smith eventually turned the horrific incident into a very effective speech, regaining viewers’ support in the process.


Hopefully, the two will chat about the situation and get a chance to discuss everything.

We don’t want a battle between Chris Rock (who has his own acting ventures in the works) and Will Smith, so we’re hoping for calmer heads.


The 2022 Oscars on ABC were undoubtedly a roller coaster ride (due in large part to that event), but there are other topics worth discussing.

Check out the whole list of 2022 Oscar winners here, and brace yourself for a barrage of remarks about Will Smith and Chris Rock in the following days!

Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock

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