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Hellraiser Ending, Explained: What Happened To Voight?

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‘Hellraiser’ Ending

‘Hellraiser’ Ending


The 2022 relaunch of the horror franchise “Hellraiser” frequently resembles an artistic and overly-produced homage to Clive Barker’s sexy and occasionally really nightmare-inducing 1987 stunner “Hellraiser.” The film, which is a respectable adaptation of Barker’s 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart, is characterized by its sluggish pacing, jumbled focus, and strong ghastliness.

Watching the first “Hellraiser” still makes you feel as though you’ve just happened upon a vulgar if the well-known, incident. Barker introduces the Cenobites, a race of demon-like sadists that threaten human victims with sensual sensations well beyond their (or our) worn-out conceptions of pleasure and suffering, to readers in that film. The new “Hellraiser” pays homage to Barker’s original version in the same way that a great cover song does: with affection, intelligence, and an unavoidably depressing level of repetition. Although “Hellraiser” is not necessary, it can occasionally be entertaining even if you haven’t seen it in a long.

This “Hellraiser,” created 35 years and nine sequels after the original, feels obedient and staid, in contrast to Barker’s version, which expressed his distinctive sensibility and preoccupations. Since the creators of the most recent film uncomfortably splice an occasionally inspired monster movie onto the back of a character study that focuses on trauma, the most ingenious additions to the “Hellraiser” canon will only be obvious to devoted fans. Former junkie Riley (Odessa A’zion), who is grieving, encounters the Cenobites while searching for her missing brother Matt (Brandon Flynn), who had reprimanded Riley for continuing to date Trevor despite his dubious character (Drew Starkey).

When does Hellraiser 2022 come out?

The new Hellraiser reboot premieres on October 7 2022 at 12 a.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET on Hulu.



How to watch Hellraiser 2022 online

Hellraiser may be watched on Hulu, which offers two subscription options: an ad-supported plan for or (which customers can subscribe to for $14 less per month) and an ad-free plan. Hulu+ With Live TV, Hulu’s live TV service, has two pricing tiers: ad-supported and ad-free.

Additionally, Hulu provides a student discount for its ad-supported plan, saving customers $5 monthly or $60 annually. Users can also sign up for The Disney Bundle, which costs $13.99 per month and consists of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu’s ad-supported plan. Users who choose the bundle save $8 per month compared to those who subscribe to each item separately.

How to watch Hellraiser 2022 online for free

So how do you access Hellraiser for free online? Continue reading for advice on how to stream the new Hellraiser movie for free.

The simplest way to access the Hellraiser remake for nothing online is through. The subscription, which includes Hellraiser and more than 2,500 films and TV episodes, starts at $6.99 per month for its ad-free version. The monthly cost of the plan is $12.99. You can watch Hellraiser without committing to a subscription with either of the plans’ included. For information on how to join up for Hulu’s free trial, continue reading.

‘Hellraiser’ Ending Explained: What Does The Priest Do To Riley And Voight?

When Riley tries to throw away the box in the second act,
The Priest rudely interferes with her and manipulates the situation so that Riley is stabbed. To keep herself from being a sacrificed human, the Priest essentially compels her to think of two more. Riley learns that the Cenobites can also be sacrificed if they are stabbed with the box. She decides to capture one final Cenobite, stab it, and escape this vicious cycle. This strategy goes tragically wrong since Riley drops the piece and becomes stuck behind a grill door as the Cenobite begins to pursue her. Trevor unintentionally captures the Cenobite as well. Voight enters the scene and stabs Colin with the puzzle before they get a chance to recover it and stab the captive Cenobite with it. Trevor pursues Colin as he tries to flee while Voight summons the Leviathan.

While The Priest approaches Voight, who is pleading for mercy from his anguish and suffering, the Cenobites catch up to Trevor. To save Colin, Riley can slip past the imprisoned Cenobite, take the puzzle, and move toward Colin. The Priest informs Voight that it is impossible to reverse the act of placing the device through his chest. He can trade it in for another present. Voight decides on the Leviathan setup.

In the meantime, he begs the Cenobite to let go of Colin and take Trevor to
save Colin (and to give Trevor the punishment he merits). The Cenobite is helpful. Riley stabs Trevor, and the Cenobite then carries Trevor away. As for Voight, the device in his chest detaches from his body, and he starts to recover. However, at that moment,
a huge chain falls from the sky, pierces Voight, and drags him inside the Leviathan ship, vessel, or floating temple. Riley’s relationship with the Cenobites is not over, though.

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Riley is given the option to select her boon from Lament, Lore, Laudarant, Liminal, Lazarus, and Leviathan by the Priest. In Riley’s vision, Matt appears.

She is aware that the Cenobites’ gift is not simple,

and she is unsure whether Matt will be directly raised from the dead or if she would have to bear some horrifying consequences. She consequently makes no decision and accepts that Matt has indeed left.

The Priest mocks her by claiming that she has decided to live a life of regret. She wants to continue living despite being aware of everything she has done wrong and the people it has harmed. Riley has so selected the Lament configuration. And with that, the puzzle resumes its original shape. The floating ship and the Cenobites vanish into thin air. Riley sets down the crossword puzzle, takes Colin’s hurt body, and flees the scene. Voight’s transformation into a Cenobite is revealed in the

movie’s climactic moments as a result of his decision to use the Leviathan configuration.

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