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Bleach Season 17 release date confirmed on Disney+, Hulu USA

Bleach Season 17 - Confirmed Released Date by Netflix

Bleach Season 17 release date on Disney+, Hulu USA: Thousand-Year Blood War final arc confirmed for Fall 2022 by trailer 2


After a painful 9 years, Bleach Season 17 will return in October 2022. Bleach is an anime-turned-manga. Due to the absence of a satisfying

conclusion, Bleach fans all across the world were feeling dejected. Fortunately, Tite Kubo, the manga creator, announced future plans when the

manga series celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. He revealed a schedule of a few Bleach projects and an appropriate conclusion season. Since

then, supporters have reacted in a variety of ways.

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1 Bleach Season 17 Release Date Confirmed
2 Bleach Season 17 Trailer
3 How many episodes will Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc have?
4 Will there be Bleach Season 17 English Dub?
5 The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc Spoilers
5.1 How does Bleach end?
6 About Bleach Anime

A straight adaptation of Tite Kubo’s Thousand-Year Blood War storyline may be found in Bleach Season 17. There will also be a new Bleach OVA

called Burn the Witch in addition to the conclusion. It is based on the manga one-shot, and there is a museum dedicated to the series.

Sincere talk: We prefer watching intriguing things like Bleach Season over writing essays. You can then take pleasure in the upcoming Bleach Season.

Let’s learn more about the most recent information and spoilers regarding Bleach Season 17, also known as the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc.

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Bleach Season 17 Release Date Confirmed

 Bleach Season 17 - Confirmed Released Date by Netflix

The official release date for Bleach Season 17 is set for Monday, October 10, 2022. Every Monday at 24:00, the anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood

War will begin airing on TV Tokyo affiliates and other channels. The remainder of the original manga up until its conclusion will be covered by the

anime. To commemorate the occasion, an aggressive new video and important images were presented.

The adage “Better Late Than Never” is applicable here to Bleach fans who have waited nine long years to learn the premiere date for season 17. The

teaser video and the announcement of the release date have sparked a flurry of enthusiastic fan comments on Twitter and on the internet.

Fans have undoubtedly endured a difficult wait, but Tite Kubo, the creator of the series, has had it far worse. During Jump Festa 2022, the first

complete teaser for Bleach Season 17 was released, and Kubo had a special message for his followers.

Bleach Season 17 Trailer

The opening theme music for Bleach Season 17 is “Scar,” which is sung by Tatsuya Kitani, while the closing theme song is “Saihat,” which is sung by

SennaRin. A brand-new, breathtaking PV teaser was eventually released along with these facts. The Bleach The Thousand Year War teaser teases

Kurosaki Ichigo and the other main characters of the Shueisha shonen series return to combat.

While announcing the iconic Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc anime premiere date, a new promotional video was released, a remastered

version of the original soundtrack of Kitani Tatsuya’s “On the Precipice of Defeat”! Absolutely stunning, and undoubtedly a goosebumps moment.

The composition is gorgeous the voice acting is amazing and the remix is absolutely a masterpiece.

The animation effects in the Bleach season 17 teaser are surprisingly more advanced than just a few frames. When combined with the VAs’

impassioned and flawless delivery, it appears like a movie.


Bleach Season 17 Trailer

How many episodes will Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc have?



The narrative is rumored to have returned for the fans after nine agonizingly long years. Since the final season of Bleach must cover hundreds of

manga chapters, it is predicted that the new season would feature 60 to 80 episodes. Earlier, it was thought that the Thousand Year Blood War

storyline would include numerous courses.


The first and second episodes of Bleach Season 17 are now airing, but the audience is curious as to how many episodes there will be this season.

The division of Bleach The Thousand Years War into four distinct courses have been verified. There will be a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 13

episodes every course. There will be a pause between each Bleach TYBW cour release. Bleach TYBW Part 2 may be released in Spring 2023 if

Bleach Season 17 Part 1 debuts in the Fall of 2022. At the end of 2023, Part 3 might be released, while Part 4 might air in the summer of 2024. For

season 17, a total of 48 to 50 episodes will be made available.

bleach new ep

Season 17 of Bleach has been confirmed to pick up from where the anime ended in 2012. In other words, one will get to see the final manga arc that one can read after the Fullbring arc.

Will there be Bleach Season 17 English Dub?

Do we know if the Bleach series finale will include English subtitles?

It can be fairly predicted that the streaming partners will soon release Thousand Year Blood War Arc English dub based on the prior 16 seasons’

history and popularity. It is hoped that the dubbed version would be released right following the Japanese version. English subtitles and Japanese

dubs for Bleach Season 17 should function up until that point.

Will there be a Bleach Season 17 simulcast? 

An English simulcast has been announced by MangaMogura. In contrast to the Japanese broadcast, there won’t be any delay. As is well known,

Dinsey+ has the legal authority to broadcast the simulcast on a worldwide scale, but it has a poor track record when it comes to simulcasts.

“Bleach – The Thousand-Year Blood War” Anime will start on Oct 10, 2022

Confirmed to be in English SIMULCAST too

4-Cour Adaption

On Netflix and Hulu, Bleach Season 16 English Dub is presently available for watching. Fans may be able to watch Bleach Season 17 Episode 1 on

Funimation or Crunchyroll whenever it is available.

In the meanwhile, Viz Media said at Anime Expo that it will offer all 366 episodes of the Bleach anime in English dub for digital purchase in the US.

The promotion is only valid from Tuesday, July 5 through Thursday, July 7. For just US$99, the whole anime series will be available for streaming

on the Microsoft, VUDU, and Apple TV apps.

The Thousand Year Blood War Arc Spoilers


The chaos that follows Ichigo Hollow’s abrupt departure will be the main focus of the Bleach Season 17 narrative. The shadowy gang Wandenreich

invades the Soul Society. Between the Quincy and the Shinigami, war is declared. The arduous training Ichigo Hollow goes through to battle

Wandenreich and defend the Soul Society explains the era of Ichigo Hollow’s absence. The conclusion needs to provide all the abrupt answers the

other chapters raised.

How does Bleach end?


You must all be curious to see how the Pierrot studio will adapt the events of the Millennial War, the final tale in the life of Ichigo Kurosaki, with

the most recent announcement of dealing with 50 episodes. We can predict how the Bleach Season 17 finale will conclude based on a number of

trailers, as can be shown.

The Wandenreich, Quincy’s group led by the terrifying Yhwach, will invade the Soul Society in the Hueco Mundo, setting the stage for a turbulent

beginning to the Millennial War tale. One will get to see the epic battle between Yhwach and Yamamoto, two of Bleach’s most potent characters, as

Ichigo journeys into the land of the Hollows and faces Sternritter Quigley. The old guy will pass away at the conclusion of it.

When Ichigo arrives in the Soul Society, he encounters Yhwach. The five Shinigami in charge of guarding the Spirit King, known as the Royal

Guard, may be seen joining Ichigo and his friends when the villain vanishes. Later on, they would assist Ichigo in recovering a katana.

After several battles, Ichigo and Orihime are finally able to take on Yhwach, with the second encounter seeing the protagonist lose and his Bankai

destroyed. Yhwach encounters Aizen after winning the conflict and while arriving at the Soul Society.


In the meantime, Ryuken Ishida gives his son Uryu an arrow that may destroy Yhwach’s abilities. On the other side, Ichigo is able to get a brand-

new Tensa Zangetsu with the aid of Tsukishima and Orihime. Ichigo defeats Yhwach in the decisive battle by striking him and severely hurting him.

His successor Uryu uses Ishida’s arrow to deliver the fatal blow.

Ten years after Yhwach’s defeat, Tite Kubo provides Bleach with a natural conclusion with a reunion
between Kazui and Ichika, sons of Ichigo and Orihime and daughters of Rukia and Renji, respectively.




About Bleach Anime


For those who don’t know, Bleach is a Japanese anime program based on the same-named manga novel by Tite Kubo. The enormous adaptation

includes new plot arcs and has over 650 chapters spread across 74 volumes.

The protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo, a 15-year-old high school student, is set in the town of Karakura Town. He is a young man who battles bad spirits

and occasionally transforms into a soul reaper. His life changes as he encounters fresh foes and learns personal secrets.

The anime fandom has notably praised the comeback of the Bleach series in 2022. I am SO GLAD that Bleach is back!

Let us know how excited you are about the Bleach TYBW release date.


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