black clover new movie will release in 2023

In honor of the anniversary of THE BLACK CLOVER amine, there are so many surprises for fans.

With the most recent event taking place in December 2022.

New anime projects are revealed, cast members are named,

and trailers are launched.

black clover new film
black clover new trailer






With the most recent event taking place in 2022

t new anime projects are revealed, cast members are named, and trailers are launched.

On the series; seventh anniversary,

a new trailer for the anime film Black Clover was released, revealing a release date of 2023.

On the series’ seventh anniversary

a new trailer for the anime film Black Clover was released,

revealing a release date of 2023.






The upcoming Black Clover film is one of them.
The official Japanese website for the Black Clover anime adaptation announced today,
March 13th, the new film will be released in 2023.
The first teaser trailer for the new movie was posted online in honor
of the 7th anniversary of the Weekly Shonen Jump series of  Black Clover, as seen below.

In this video,




the dignified appearance of each character that starred
in the movie from the animation,
as well as the appearance of Asta, who is entering the last stage of the capture of the Kingdom of Spades from the original,
are featured, and the production has been declared.

Unfortunately, no particular release date has been announced, but fans may expect the picture to hit theaters around this time next year to commemorate

the film’s eighth anniversary.

Fans should be aware, however, that the Black Clover film will debut in Japanese theaters first, before moving on to international theaters and, eventually, a streaming site, several months later.

The Black Clover film is set to pick up where the anime left off

Despite the recent announcement of a 2023 release, neither the major plot nor the cast for

the upcoming Black Clover film has been revealed.






The good news is that it will be a canon production,

which means that the film will conclude by adapting

the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc (which is still ongoing),

with the same cast from the series repeating their roles.

By the time it ended in March 2021,

the anime series had adapted up to around chapter 273 in the manga,

according to Monsters and Critics.

The good news is that 326 chapters have now been released,

with 53 chapters remaining to complete the Spade Kingdom plot. We don’t want to give anything away, so if you’re curious about the path the Black Clover movie will take,

now is the best time to read the manga!

the movie’s major cast has yet to be revealed, but the series’ voice actors are expected to reprise their roles in the feature film.

Yuno received a new character image at the Jump Festa 2022 event,

which you can see here.

A smartphone game called Black Clover has been announced.

new film black clover
black clover new trailer

Surprisingly, at the Black Clover Jump Festa 2022 panel,

there was one final surprise announcement:

the debut of a new video game.

The game simply dubbed Black Clover Mobile,

is a mobile-only experience, as the name implies. After the event, a unique reveal trailer containing gameplay was posted online,

with a release date of 2022 –

though no particular date has been confirmed.

The team has now published two new trailers for the game, as well as a preview of the Black Clover film, as well as confirmation

that the game will be available worldwide (see below).

This article will be updated as soon as more information on the Black Clover movie

and its release date is revealed by an official source, so keep checking back in Black Bulls!

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