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big questions about the ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ trailer

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

The goal of Nintendo’s eagerly anticipated “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is now at

At least slightly more clear to the general audience.

Even the title declares importance. It’s not what the 1993 live-action movie dubbed

itself, “Super Mario Bros. The Movie.” The notion of a Mario-based movie was put on hold for thirty years as a result of the harsh criticism that the film received. (The

Washington Post disagreed with the majority of critics; our review, which called the

movie “a blast,” is indelible on the VHS release’s cover.)

No, today we’re talking about “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” which has the title as

if it were the only Mario-based movie ever made. The movie’s breadth was unknown

prior to Thursday’s teaser, and the confusing casting decisions (Keegan-Michael Key

as Toad?!) left devoted viewers wondering: “Just what the hell type of movie is this going to be?”

The Thursday teaser provided answers to the following: As Bowser, king of the Koopas, steals a star from another country, the movie will follow the Mario siblings’ initial appearance in the legendary Mushroom Kingdom. Even then, there are still a

number of unaddressed concerns regarding the Mario story that will be told.

Nintendo debuts first ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ trailer

The Washington Post consulted an authority to get clarification on these issues: Michal Miexriir is a Mario and Sega influencer who gained notoriety in 2018 for delivering a PowerPoint presentation titled “An Exploration of Shadow the Hedgehog’s Moral Compass.” Miexriir has a history of obsessively researching the backstories of her favorite characters, such as Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kirby. After some discussion with Miexriir, here are the biggest questions we have, given the scant information Thursday’s trailer offered. We hope Nintendo and Illumination will address these in the full film.

1. Where is Mario coming from?
Now that the Mushroom Kingdom is being transferred into, we know that Mario (and possibly his brother Luigi) are taking part. Since releasing Mario’s voice, Chris Pratt has reportedly been working on a light Brooklyn accent. Is Mario a Brooklyn native?


New Donk City is a shadow of New York City that appears in “Super Mario Odyssey.” Its inhabitants resemble people in the actual world in shape. But it simply serves to highlight how unlike us or any other typical human Mario is in terms of shape. Mario has a baby-like appearance rather than the features of a typical guy, save for his mustache. We never see Mario and Luigi’s birth or paternity in the original narrative that Nintendo created and told in “Yoshi’s Island.” Yoshi receives them completely formed as infants, without their mustaches.

The most surprising cameo was undoubtedly the pair of penguins in the trailer. Since 1996’s “Super Mario 64,” when a level called Cool, Cool Mountain first introduced us to penguins who enjoy racing by sliding down mountains, penguins have appeared frequently in Mario titles.

In the movie, these penguins have been given the status of a full-fledged nation-state, complete with a monarch (voiced by Khary Payton of “The Walking Dead”)

Why was there a star in the Cool, Cool Mountain kingdom? Miexriir queries. “Are they penguins guarding the star particularly or are they defending their habitat against Bowser as an aggressor?”

They might be likened, according to her, to the echidnas who guard the Chaos Emeralds, which are equivalently potent artifacts in the Sonic the Hedgehog legend. Are the Cool, Cool penguins currently in charge? Exist any additional penguin countries Bowser needs to overthrow? We now have more concerns regarding the size of the Mushroom Kingdom as a result of this.

Does the Mushroom Kingdom have legal authority over the Ice Kingdom? Miexriir queries. How many real kingdoms with legitimate monarchs will be represented, and are all of them included? Will there be a king Blooper or king Cheep Cheep in the aquatic world, or are some regions ungoverned?

What is the role of Princess Peach?

The classic damsel in distress is Princess Peach. Her position in the games has changed throughout time, though; sometimes she participates in the adventure, and other times she ignores being abducted entirely.

No mention of Peach, voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy, is made in the trailer. It’s possible that her kidnapping isn’t the main plot point at all, but we’ll have to wait and see if Hollywood can develop her character well. Does she have any connection to the stars Bowser collects? (The character of the movie’s stars is a completely different issue.)

“Also possible Bowser will just straight up be horny for Peach, but she’ll have enough agency to put up more of a fight in this iteration,” Miexriir said.

What is the nature of death in the Mushroom Kingdom?

As previously mentioned, Mario can acquire additional lives by collecting coins. Although the game is targeted at kids, practically every game is sneakily and shockingly challenging. A major aspect of Mario’s experience is death.

Will collecting coins provide Mario in the movie more chances at life? Captain Toad claims that some mushrooms can be dangerous in the trailer. Do others provide a fleeting type of immortality?

Do fatalities in the Mushroom Kingdom translate into actual fatalities? Miexriir queries.

And finally, what does Mario want?

The Mario movie is an isekai, a type of Japanese narrative in which the hero is mysteriously transported from their home to an unexpected setting. But what will be Mario’s primary driving force beyond that? It’s feasible that he and his brother Luigi are ever separated from one another based on what we saw in the teaser.

“Is he attempting to return home? to his sibling once more?” Miexriir queries. Will he have to make an emotional decision about staying or returning home?

The games never truly address Mario’s motivations for wanting to save the Mushroom Kingdom or free the princess. Is Mario merely a good person? The movie may offer a genuine opportunity to learn more about the baby mustachioed guy and what motivates him, much like Bowser did. Everyone expects something different from a Mario movie supported by Hollywood. The question, however, is: What does Mario hope to gain from all of this?

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